How exhanges and automation rules work

Exchanges allow you to trade your cryptocurrencies. When using our service you can use your exchange addresses to receive your funds, since our service allows you to use every address as long as it's valid for the cryptocurrency/network you're using.

CryptAPI allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies automatically. This feature is meant for users who wan't to avoid the volatibility of certain cryptocurrencies, or users that would like to get paid in a certain crypto but to receive the value in another (e.g Bitcoin).

Using this feature it's rather simple and it's free, meaning you don't pay extra for using it. To start using it you only need to get an API Key in your exchange account, set the API Key permissions to allow trading and paste the API and Secret Key in our dashboard. After this is done you can start setting up automation rules

The automation rules have a great deal of flexibility, meaning that you can set-up different rules per cryptocurrency received. You can select the cryptocurrency you're receiving and automate the conversion to another one. For example, you're getting paid in Litecoin but you can create an automation so that your exchange converts the value automatically to USDT. 

How to create automation rules

Creating automation rules is rather simple. You need the From coin and To coin.

1. Go to CryptAPI's Dashboard and click the cog to open a dropdown menu.

2. Having the dropdown open click Exchanges.

3. Click Automation Rules.

4. Click Add a Rule +.

5. Select the From Coin. You can type in the box to search for it.

6. Select the To Coin [1]. The currencies in this box will change according to the From Coin selection. After selecting the cryptocurrency you want the From Coin to be converted to, click the Save [2] button.

7. After everything is done your screen should look like this, where From Coin is the cryptocurrency you want to convert when you receive payments and To Coin is the cryptocurrency to which the From Coin is going to be converted to.

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