How to set up your exchange address automatically

To the exchange cryptocurrency conversion to work you need to have solely your exchange address set. You must use this feature to set the address, otherwise the exchange feature won't work.

It's important to mention this will only work if you use the addresses set directly in the Dashboard (know more about this here).

1. Go to CryptAPI's Dashboard and click the cog to open a dropdown menu.

2. Having the dropdown open click API Keys.

3. Click in the Edit Button of your API Key. If you don't have an API Key you must create one.

4. In the API Key details click Manage Addresses.

5. In these cases we will get the Bitcoin Address from the exchange. Click Update address from configured exchange to show a modal with all the exchanges you have set up.

6. Click in the exchange you wish to get the address from.

7. Our systems will automatically fetch the address from the exchange and update it. If all was done correctly in the end you should only have your exchange address in the list.

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