How to easily test CryptAPI?

1. Fetching an unique URL from a Webhook website in order to properly test the information sent by CryptAPI as callback (or IPN). You can see an example of this URL bellow. Please don't copy the URL from the browser address bar, the website in the Your unique URL field

2. Identify the COIN / TOKEN you want to get processed (check our cryptocurrency list). For this example we will use LTC (which is a good currency to test your implementation)

3. Paste the URL provided by the Webhook website and your crypto address (you will copy it from your wallet) into the CryptAPI API request like this:

4. If everything is correct, you will receive something like this:

5. Next, you send a payment to the address in provided in the address_in field of the response

6. If everything went well, your Webhook page should look like this, meaning that CryptAPI received the payment and forwarded it to the provided crypto address.

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