Installing and configuring our WooCommerce Plug-in

The CryptAPI plugin extends WooCommerce, allowing you to get paid in crypto directly on your store, with a simple setup and no sign-ups required.

In this page we will guide you throught he configuration and installation of our official WooCommerce Plug-in.

1. First you need to have WooCommerce installed. Then you go to "Plugins".

2. In the "Plugins" page click the "Add New" button.

3. Type "CryptAPI" in the search input and when our plug-in appear in the search result, click "Install Now". Then just wait for WordPress to finish installing it.

4. When WordPress finish installing our plug-in, click "Activate".

5. Then go to WooCommerce and click the "Settings" link.

6. In the WooCommerce "Settings" page click in the "Payments" button.

7. You may have another payment methods here, but here you'll want to make sure our plug-in is "Enabled" and to click "Manage" so you can add your wallet addresses and enable the cryptocurrencies you want to accept.

8. Make sure the checkbox it's selected. You can also play around the settings a bit to make our WooCommerce plug-in fit your needs.

9. Scroll down the page until you find the cryptocurrencies. Select the ones you want to accept by checking the checkbox on the left side of the cryptocurrency name. Then, paste your address in the input box. For example, if you wanted to enable Litecoin, you would need to check the checkbox marked in red, and paste your address in the input field also marked in red.

Notice: If you only select the checkbox, but don't paste your address in the input field, the cryptocurrency won't show at the checkout.

10. Once you finish setting up the currencies you want to accept, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button to finish setting up our plug-in.

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